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Planning for the Future



Under the leadership of its new General Manager, Eddy Cumins, SMART has begun the process of developing a Strategic Plan. The first step in the planning process was to conduct a SWOT Analysis, consisting of a clear-eyed look at SMART's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats developed by SMART staff.

This was followed by the SMART Board of Directors creating Vision and Mission statements.

  • Vision Statement: Smarter Transportation for a Smarter Future
    SMART envisions an innovative transportation system that provides integrated mobility solutions, promotes sustainable growth, and enhances quality of life.
  • Mission Statement: We Connect Communities
    SMART provides safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible transportation options. 

The Board of Directors also reviewed the results of the SWOT Analysis and identified four Strategic Objectives upon which to focus the Strategic Planning process. These Strategic Objectives are:

  • Ridership
  • Pathways
  • Extensions
  • Freight


The next step is to engage with the public to learn more about what our riders and the general public think about SMART. You are encouraged to share your ideas and comments in 3-ways:

  • Attend a Listening Session
  • Take our Survey
  • Send us an email 

Your participation will help shape the future of SMART. Queremos escuchar su opinión

Ayúdenos a planificar para el futuro completando una encuesta en cantidad de pasajeros, vias peatonales, extensiones y trenes de carga.


During the month of April, please join our new General Manager, Eddy Cumins at four public listening sessions on Ridership, Pathways, Extensions, and Freight. Each listening session will last 90-minutes.

You may also take a survey or send an email on each of the four Strategic Objectives.


April 6: Ridership - Meeting Our Riders Needs

       Click here to watch the meeting

    Click here to take the Survey on Ridership-English     

     Click here to take the Survey on Ridership-Spanish 

     Click here to send an email about Ridership 


April 13: Pathways - Improving Our Pathways

      Click here to watch the meeting

     Click here to take the Survey on Pathways 

     Click here to take the Survey on Pathways-Spanish 

    Click here to send an email about Pathways


April 20: Extensions - Serving Future Destinations

     Click here to watch the Zoom meeting on Extensions

    Click here to take the Survey on Extensions

     Click here to take the Survey on Extensions - Spanish

   Click here to send an email about Extensions


April 27: Freight - Shipping in the North Bay​​​

     Click here to watch the Zoom meeting on Freight

    Click here to take the Survey on Freight

    Click here to take the Survey on Freight - Spanish

    Click here to send an email about Freight