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Multi-use Pathway Wayfinding

Multi-use Pathway Wayfinding Plan

SMART is developing a Pathway Wayfinding Plan that will include signage for the multi-use bicycle and pedestrian pathway, which connects communities to SMART rail stations and other destinations.

At SMART’s 2022 Listening Session on the Pathway, the public emphasized the desire and need for Pathway wayfinding signage. As a result, SMART initiated a Pathway Wayfinding Plan in Spring 2023.

This project will develop a series of signs that will make it easier to navigate along the Pathway and use the Pathway to connect to the train as well as surrounding communities.

SMART is engaging the public throughout the development of the Wayfinding Plan and the design of the signage.
To date, we’ve:

  • implemented a survey of Pathway users 
  • conducted a Virtual Public Workshop, and
  • conducted field work to identify wayfinding needs on the Pathway

We will bring sign designs forward for community input in late Summer 2023. Once the Pathway Wayfinding Plan is complete, SMART will phase the implementation and installation of the approved wayfinding signage on the Pathway in early 2024.


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