FREE public transit for youth and seniors on SMART

Youths and Seniors Ride Free

Free fare for youth and seniors
Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - 9:45am
SMART offers free fare for youth and seniors.

Youth and seniors now ride fare free on SMART

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SMART is offering free fare for youth and seniors. This new fare structure is a pilot program effective through June 30, 2025, which aims to increase use of public transit for these age groups, fostering environmental sustainability and enhancing mobility in the region.

How it works

Beginning April 1, 2024, youth (ages 0-18) and seniors (ages 65+), may board any SMART train, any day of the week and ride fare free. Youth and seniors are not required to have a Clipper card or to use the SMART eTickets app.Train Conductors will check fares as usual; seniors and youth may be asked for proof of age (State ID, license, or Student ID). If a Clipper Card is used the fare charged will be $0 (zero)

Benefits of taking public transportation

SMART's Free Fare initiative aims to provide economic and recreational opportunities to this underserved demographic while cultivating habits of utilizing sustainable transportation options. Beyond the benefit of getting to experience world-class educational and entertainment opportunities, taking public transportation is in itself a learning experience. Teaching youth and seniors how to ride public transit fosters a greater sense of independence. In addition to reducing individual vehicle emissions, passenger rail fosters eco-friendly cities, alleviating traffic congestion and reducing the necessity for expansive road networks, thus preserving valuable green spaces.

Many destinations for adventure and fun

Youth and seniors can take SMART to their favorite destinations, including parks, amusement centers, summer jobs, movie theaters, shopping centers, skate parks, libraries, summer camps, and summer classes. Bicycles and scooters are welcomed aboard the SMART train and public transit buses are equipped with bike racks at the front of the bus.

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