Promote rail safety with SMART

Join SMART in Promoting Rail Safety

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 8:40am
SMART trains are a part of our communities in Marin and Sonoma counties. It's important to understand the rules that keep you safe near tracks, trains, crossings, and at station platforms.


SMART is partnering with California Operation Lifesaver, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rail safety, and asking the community to help promote rail safety by sharing these important safety messages with at least 5 friends and family members: 

  • Never walk on the tracks—it’s dangerous and illegal.
  • Wait for the gate. Pay attention to signs and signals at railroad crossings. Wait for the bells and lights to stop, and for the gates to rise before crossing the tracks.
  • Distractions are dangerous. Stay alert and aware near tracks, trains and at station platforms. Don’t be distracted by cell phones, texting and headphones.
  • Don’t risk it. Drivers should never rush through railroad crossings to avoid waiting. Never stop your car on the tracks—drive through crossings only when you can make it safely through to the other side.

We are also encouraging people to share these messages using social media, with the hashtags #SaveLivesTell5 and #SMARTsafety. 

Visit to learn more about railroad safety, access additional railroad safety resources, or request an Operation Lifesaver safety presentation.