SMART FAQs | Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit

SMART Frequently Asked Questions

When will SMART expand its train service schedule?

  • SMART will be expanding its service schedule in the near future. We are looking into closing the gaps in service during commuting hours, providing more service in the evenings throughout the week, and providing service earlier on the weekends. In order to increase service, SMART is actively recruiting operations personnel required to sustain an expanded schedule.

When will the Windsor extension be completed?

  • SMART is on schedule to complete the Windsor  extension project by the end of 2025.

Where can I buy a ticket for SMART?

  • SMART does not offer paper tickets. Fares will be collected in the following ways: Reloadable Clipper® cards or SMART Mobile Phone App.

What forms of payment are accepted at SMART ticket vending machines?

  • Accepted forms of payment include: debit/credit cards and cash. No change is given for cash purchases as all value is placed on the card for the purchaser’s use.

How do Clipper® cards work?

What happens if I forget to “Tag On or Tag Off?'

  • It is important to remember to tag on and off when boarding or departing the train. This is how the system properly calculates the cost of your fare. If you forget to tag on or off, the system, you will be charged the full rate for all zones.

What if I lose my Clipper® card?

  • You have the option to register your Clipper® card, and then, if you lose it, your card can be shut down and your balance restored to you via a new card. Those cards that are registered can be reported lost, those that are not registered have no recourse. Information on how to report lost cards can be found at

What is SMART’s refund policy?

  • Fares are non-refundable. However, in certain extenuating circumstances, the customer can request a refund review. For fares purchased using Clipper®, the Clipper® customer service team must be contacted directly at: 877-878-8883 for determination. For fares purchased through the SMART App, complete the SMART Refund Request Form and submit it to SMART by mail, fax, or email. If you have a remaining balance on your Clipper card, you may receive a refund by contacting Clipper® card at SMART does not offer refunds on the Monthly Pass.

How does the transfer system work?

  • Clipper® cards carry a time stamped transfer credit that can be used on any SMART partner bus agency. For example when you depart SMART and board a Santa Rosa CityBus with a Clipper® card, adults will receive a $1.50 off their bus fare (making it free on CityBus) and discount riders will get $0.75 off. Bus riders boarding SMART with a Clipper® card will get the same discount on SMART rides. Agencies that use Clipper® cards who honor the transfer credit policies with SMART are: Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Sonoma County Transit, Petaluma Transit and Santa Rosa CityBus.

Can I use my cell phone on the train?

  • Cell phone use will be permitted on board SMART trains. Please use a modulated voice and be mindful of other passengers will conducting conversations on your phone.

Are there power outlets on the trains?

  • Yes, each section of seats has power outlet for your electronic devices. Please make sure cords do not take unnecessary space on seats and keep aisles clear.

I have a disability. Will I be able to ride the train?

  • Yes, all SMART trains and platforms meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Are service animals allowed on the train?

  • Yes, all service animals are allowed on the train and must be clearly identified as such.

Can a minor ride the train alone?

  • Currently, SMART does not have an age requirement for minors to ride by themselves. The conductor on board will make a judgment call if he/she believes that the minor is not suitable to ride alone. SMART asks parents to evaluate the level of maturity of their child before allowing them to ride unaccompanied.

May I bring an open baby stroller onto the train?

  • When entering the SMART system, passengers should hold their children and fold-up strollers. Do not carry a stroller with a child in it up or down stairways and avoid pushing strollers between closing train car doors.

Are pets allowed on trains?

  • Small pets are allowed on board SMART, but they must be kept in an enclosed container/carrier, with the exception of service animals. Carries must be keep out of the aisles and off seats.

What if I lose an item?

  • If you lose an item on SMART train or platform, please contact our Customer Service Center at 511 or (707) 794-3330 to register your item into SMART Lost and Found log. If your item is received in the Customer Service Center, you will be contacted to retrieve your item.

Can I reserve a seat?

  • No, we cannot guarantee any particular seating will be available when you board the train at the platform. Seating for those with disabilities (ADA) special areas have been designated so that seating is reserved for wheelchairs and persons with special needs.

Who should I call if I see SMART property that needs cleaning?

  • If you see SMART property in need of maintenance attention, please call SMART's Customer Service Center at 511 or (707) 794-3330.