Purchase Fares

You can pay to ride SMART using a Clipper® card or SMART's mobile ticketing app. SMART does not accept cash fare.

  • Clipper

You can order a card and add cash value at www.clippercard.com or at fare vending machines on SMART station platforms. Vending machines do not issue discount Clipper cards. Visit the Clipper Discount Cards page for more information. 

  • Mobile App

For riders who do not need to transfer, but wish to purchase tickets for multiple riders, or might not have a Clipper card, we recommend the use of SMART’s eTickets App.

The mobile ticketing application is available on the majority of iOS or Android devices and requires the use of a credit card and an email address for receipt delivery. 31-day passes are currently unavailable on the app. See our Mobile App FAQs for additional information.

For more information on fares and available discounts, visit our Fare Page.